Dianella Health, Sunbury Community Health and Hume City Council Youth Services have partnered to deliver; Stand Up Speak Out. The program is designed to work with young female leaders around the prevention of violence against women and gender equality. We are currently recruiting young women who are passionate and ready to stand united.

City of Hume Boxing Club INC. have been invited to present at stand up, speak out. The Stand Up, Speak Out program is for girls aged 12-16 years and provides knowledge on how to take appropriate action against gender inequality and violence  against women. Assistant coach Casey Crooks will spend an afternoon with the girls from Hume Youth Services running a session from founded program Punch Like a Girl.

Punch like a girl is a health and well-being program encompassing life skills – confidence, leadership, self-esteem, peer pressure, conflict resolution, goal setting, health and nutrition. The program is delivered through the vehicle of sport and fitness, specifically Olympic Boxing. It will help create the girls self-image and perspective of herself in her own eyes.

This is not the first time CHBC have been involved in such issues. Previously presenting at Banksia Gardens - Good People Act Now and Kolbe Catholic College female only lifestyle diet and fitness class. 

Feel empowered to be an active bystander in your community. The session will be held

Tuesday April 3rd


Craigieburn Youth Services

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