At Pro-Fit Boxing we often get asked the questions “is my child too young to start boxing?” and “is boxing safe for my child?” The answer to the questions is simple, your child is never too young to start boxing and yes, our sessions are entirely supervised and safe.

Whether your child is the budding Evander Holyfield (who began his boxing training when he was 8 years old, went on to become an Olympic medallist and four-time world heavyweight champion) or just wanting to get involved in a sport to boost their self-confidence, our Kids and Teens sessions will cater for both. 

The Session:

Each training session is planned with specific goals and outcomes involved. they will be continually on a journey of learning and developing their skills. Each session will focus on proper punching technique and footwork.

We will teach your child to throw a variety of punches such as the jab, hook, uppercut and straight in different combinations focusing on power and speed.


While practicing punching, we’ll also teach your child how to use footwork. This will help dramatically improve coordination and balance! 

As well as the boxing component to the training sessions, we also include physical training for strength and conditioning. These activities will vary from cardiovascular (skipping and running) to strength training like push ups and sit-ups etc.


About Safety:

At Pro-Fit Boxing we pride ourselves on providing a safe and individualised environment for your child. All coaching staff have current Working with Children Checks. We are also affiliated with Victoria's governing body, Boxing Victoria and work closely with Boxing Australia.  

Our Kids and Teens training sessions are run generally as partner drill classes that focus on proper technique. At each session, participants will always use hand wraps and gloves. Dependent on each child’s development and goals in the sport they may also require to be fitted with a mouth guard, head guard and groin guard (for boys) to participate in more advanced drills. Classes are supervised at all times. 


Mental Benefits:

Often we see great personal benefits grow from young boxers as they spend more time in the gym. With improved physical health often comes improved confidence.

Our training sessions also promote discipline, respect and concentration. Each child, regardless of skill or ability, will walk away with pride and self-accomplishment at the end of each session.

Contact us for more information or to book your child in to a rewarding experience! Click here to view the timetable.