Our boxing programs give Primary and Secondary school students and specialist groups the opportunity to experience one of the most effective training programs available to individuals under the guidance of qualified coaches.


We provide a unique and challenging fitness and recreational opportunity guaranteed to engage, educate and intrigue not only your participants, but also yourself. Each person will be immersed in an informative and hands on traditional boxing program.


The combination of physical conditioning and mental preparedness required for boxing transfer in to huge benefits in all areas of ones life, this including: academic endeavors, enhancing performance and fitness in other sports, being able to work well as apart of a group, and finally providing the chance to enjoy recreational activities in a safe and healthy environment.


Our goal is to make the boxing experience a positive and rewarding one, to give participants an excellent workout, and to offer an educating experience to one of the most exciting sports in the world.


The program is completely safe, participants will learn self defence techniques without the use of contact.

Help make champions of your group! and give them the experience of their school year.


Sessions will run for one hour, and will include:

Warm up Exercises, Boxing Skills (Basic punching, self defence and footwork techniques.), Work-Out Session (Bag work, speedball, focus pad work, medicine ball and abdominal work) and ending the session with a Cool Down.

We provide fully-qualified coaches, all training materials & equipment, and finally an interesting, engaging and beneficial work-out.