The City of Hume Boxing Club was established in late of 2013. Our club was founded by Pro-Fit Boxing owner Bradley Patullo, who's intellect and insight into the sport of Boxing has been able to help juniors and youths in our community for the past six years. The City of Hume Boxing Club's philosophy is to utilise the skills, focus and methods that professional boxers use, to help improve the lives of our local residents. This is done through health & fitness, personal development, re-engagement, self discipline and personal wellbeing. We believe that the City of Hume can and will become a more content and secure community, for all to live.


To lead in health, fitness, and personal self development within the City of Hume. Ensuring a positive transformation upon our community and it's members.


To promote boxing, health and well being to the people of the City of Hume, without any discriminations of: age, race, gender, sexual preference, political or religious belief. Our purpose is to make a significant impact on the local communities health & lifestyle, by providing safe outlets for people to self-develop and even participate in the local community. The City of Hume Boxing Club believes all activities should be accessible and affordable to all. 
We are committed to make a difference in our community.


Our aims are to promote; health, fitness, discipline, friendship, teamwork and respect within the club toward the entire community, particularly in young people. This will enable young people to develop and participate in the local community and improve their self-confidence, engagement and overall discipline. Thus reducing anti-social behaviours, crime rates and increasing the quality of life for our community’s youth, by providing them with positive role models, as well as a safe and secure after-school facility.


Health  -  Fitness   -  Well-being  -  Self Growth  -  Self Discipline  -  Teamwork  -  Respect

"In the community, for the community"